This man eating rotten meat of animal


In Iran Amou Haji, 83, has not been bathed for 63 years. The thick layer of dirt is frozen on his body. According to Amou, this dirt keeps him healthy even at the age of 83. According to him, because of dirt, his age is long. Amou has to stay outside the village because of his no bath decision. However, the villagers keep coming to meet him there. Amou’s diet is also quite strange. Amou likes to eat rotten meat of dead animals or natural animals.

Amou prefer to live in the potholes which is far away from their village. However, the villagers have made a small cottage for him. Amou likes to smoke cigarettes. After the end of the cigarettes which is given by the villagers, the Amou smoke chilam which contain  a dry drop of animals potty.

Amou is not bathing, but drinks 2 gallons of water every day. If someone gives advice to Amou, to take bath he becomes very angry. According to Amou, cleaning makes him sick. Amou says about his life that he feels like a birds.


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