Adventure that is exploring Canada


“I had no interest in writing a guide book. In the world of Trip Advisor and Google, there’s already enough information,”. “We lack inspiration, we need to get people off their couches—it’s about what we are going to see, who we are going to meet, what it’s going to feel like, that’s what I was interested in writing about.”

“As I traveled and covered history, nature and cultural things, I started to understand how Canada is put together geographically. It’s really 13 countries unified under one nation, and each province and territory has its own uniqueness.

I finds it astounding how we “tend to build more value to things that are farther away” and is quite adamant about pushing Canadians to take note of what we have here in our native land.

“People want to go to the Dead Sea in Asia, but Canada has its own Dead Sea in Saskatchewan…they talk about getting a mineral bath in Jordan or Israel, but Watrous, a little town just outside Saskatoon, has its own mineral spa. And there’s crazy waterfalls in the world, sure, but Canada has a ton worth checking out.”

He’s right. Hamilton, Ont. houses over 100 waterfalls and cascades, making it the waterfall capital of the world.

Those wishing to follow his adventure menu should do so in their own way as “each person has their own interests.”

“British Columbia is like the crown jewel of the country when it comes to urban experiences. The Rockies…like you can fly to a modern airport and then drive into the mountains, that’s something you can’t do in most places in the world.”

“Everyone has this feeling that there is nothing to do there, that it is just a flat surface that you can watch your dog run for days over, but the liveliness, the festivals, the Moose Jaw tunnels, cat fishing, it’s really great stuff,”.

If you can handle it, he also suggests spending the night in the Ottawa Jail Hostel, which is “the most notorious prison in Canada. “They lock you in the cell, you sleep in a prison cell, they have ghost tours…it’s incredible.”

I also wishes that every Canadian had the chance to go up north and see the Northwest Passage because the space up there is “staggering.”

For over five years I have focused the travels and time exploring and showcasing Canada, accomplishing most of the things i set out to do. But, there’s still one thing our eyes on: “I’ve always wanted to do a grizzly bear lunch,”.



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