The challenge to get out of the flood vortex


Due to torrential rains, the situation has worsened due to floods in the several states from the hills to the plains. Public life has become disrupted due to floods in many parts of the country in India. Due to excessive rainfall, many rivers of the country are flowing above the danger mark. This is the reason that high alert has been issued in many parts of the country. It is unfortunate that there are many places in our country where only one area has to face frequent drought and flood.

The forests were destroyed and the trees were harvested for various developmental projects, they made the situation more frightening. Due to this alarming situation, the monsoon has been affected. Due to this public has been facing crisis due to floods. Floods and droughts have been putting our lives in trouble since the old time. Floods and droughts are not just natural disasters, but they are also nature’s warnings. We understand these warnings of nature, despite reading and writing. The already educated society, understanding of nature has not yet been developed.

The kind of behavior that we are doing with nature, the same kind of behavioral nature is also doing with us. The India has faced drought and floods for some time now, it gives the attention of the report based on the IPCC’s climate change in which the country was warned to carry out disasters like floods and droughts due to climate change. Today, word like global warming has become so prevalent that on this issue we want to run on a built-in leak. This is the reason why we sometimes see the report of the IPCC as suspicious, and sometimes the global warming starts to be unnecessary.

We are also responsible for the flood water supply in cities and towns. In the past few years, the development and expansion in towns and cities has not been adequately given attention to proper drainage of water. Due to lack of adequate cleanliness of dirty drains, the capacity to carry their water is continuously decreasing. This is the reason that in most towns and cities of the country only roads are flooded when there is only rain.



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