The village head eats food in India and sleeps in Myanmar.


Half of the Longwa village of Nagaland is in India and half of it in Myanmar. Here border passes between the king’s house. King’s food eats in Myanmar and comes to India for sleeping. Here people go to other countries without a visa-passport.

Longwa village is situated in Mons district on the North East side, 389 km from Kohima, capital of Nagaland. The small village on India’s Eastern International border is unique in itself. The name of the king of Konyaak is Ng Nagong. There are 75 villages including Longwa under this king. Some of these villages are located in Myanmar, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

At the same time, the border of Myanmar and India passes through the middle of their house. In such a way, their family meal eats in the part of Myanmar, but uses the Indian border to sleep. The family of King of Longwa village is also very large, including his 60 wives. At the same time, the king’s son is in the Myanmar army.

In 1970-71, the border went through the middle of Longwa village. Due to the Indo-Myanmar border, the people here have technically got citizenship of both countries. In such a situation they do not need a visa to go to Myanmar and neither do the Indian passport. People here can freely travel in both countries.

People of this Tribes are also known as Head Hunters. First they used to kill people and carry their head with them. How ever, there is no head hunting in the 1960s, but skulls decorated in people’s home can be seen. Their number is much more than the other tribes. Their language is Nagamis, which is made up of Naga and Assamese languages.

There are 16 tribes in this northeastern state of India.The Kyoyak tribals are considered extremely dreadful. They often used to fight the neighboring villages to capture the power and land of their clan. How to divide this clan in two parts, the authorities decided that the border line would go through the middle of the village, but it would not have any impact on the Kyoyak. A message has been written in one side of the border is Burmese and on the other side is Hindi.

Before 1940, they used to cut the heads of other people to occupy their land. The chief practice is run in these tribals. This head is the head of four to five villages. This head puts more than one wife. This head has 60 wives.

Their huts are mainly made of bamboo. They are quite large and they contain many parts.


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