You can turn Maggi into spicy donuts


Maggi is tastier when it’s deep-fried and shaped like a donut. It is tasty in every form. Spicy, cheesy and crunchy donuts are sold in donut shops. But that trend is changing with the recent Instagram rage called spaghetti donuts. Basically, it’s a donut made with spaghetti with a variety of sauces and toppings. Pop Pasta, a Brooklyn eatery, came with the delectable spaghetti donut. The scrumptious treat is selling better than hot cakes at the Smorgasburg, the weekend food market in New York City, and has become quite the global food trend within a span of weeks.

Maggi is our favourate snack, and we could actually have it any time of the day. But carrying mugs or bowls of Maggi around is a bit difficult. That teeny-tiny issue would be sorted if we turn Maggi into a donut.

More than that, if you like your Maggi a little smoky and crispy, this would be the easiest way to get it done. These donuts are very easy to make, and it can easily be a snack for parties as well as meals. And just think about how cool it would be to carry Maggi donuts to your picnics or journey.



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