Those who are born in these months are suffering from disease.


According to a report, if you grow up, which disease will you suffer, it depends on the month of your birth.

According to professor Jose Antonio Caseda, who conducts this study, people born in a particular month tend to get sick more than others. There are several type of scientific logic behind this. Research done by the University of Alicante included 30,000 people. The months of his birth were noted, and accordingly, it was found that people used to cure illness according to their birth month. The special thing is that these months are different in women and men.

According to the research, keeping the child in the womb and the month after the birth makes him strong or weak. Researchers believe that people born in the winter season do not get much Vitamin D, because of which they take many diseases in their grip.

On the basis of research, it has been found that 33 % of the women born in June are prey to migraine. These women were affected by high cholesterol. But the problem of minopause was 35 % lower than the women born in the rest of the months. The problem of osteoarthritis was seen significantly in 34 % of the men born this month. But less complaining of depression and back pain than other men.

Researches conducted on men

April: The problem of back pain is less.

May: The problem of depression is more.

August: The problem of asthma is twice comparison to other.

September: The chances of thyroid are three times more.

December: The chances of osteoarthritis is more. At the same time they can suffer from depression also.

Researches conducted on women

September: People born in this month are the least ill.

November: In these, the problem of monopause is seen to be the least.


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