Pesticides made from Cow urine will destroyed insects

cow urine

To protect the crops from chemical pesticides, in India Gopal Goshala of Moga district has prepared organic pasticides from cow urine. There is no bad effect of cow urine on crops, environment and health. Its demand has also increased rapidly. According to the senior member of the Gopal Goshala Committee, cow cow urine of the indigenous breed is the most effective in comparison to other breeds of cows.

They have given contract to some of their employees to collect cow urine in Goshala. After collecting cow urine, they have to spend four rupees per liter in making pesticides. Every day 30 to 40 liters cow urine is collected from the cow.

There is no odor of insecticidal prepared from cow urine. After its sprinkling, insects do not sit on crop or fruit. Cow urine protects the plants from insect and also increases the amount of nitrogen in the root of the plant, which helps in growing it.

Goshala operators say that if the farmers plant the cow urine and organic fertilizers before planting of paddy and after that solve them in the field then they will get good yields. Leave the water before transplanting the paddy, it will reach to every part of the farm and the cow urine and compost.

The price of chemical pesticides available up to 250 to 350 rupees per liter in the market whereas the ready-made pesticide with cow urine is getting only 40 rupees per liter. This pesticide is sold in the first phase only in Goshala. People just come there and buy it.



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