A unique village where people do not wake up after sleeping


The world is full of mysteries. Something similar is hidden in a unique village of Kazakhstan. People here sleep for many days.

People from Kalachi village of north Kazakhstan are suffering from sleeping sickness in a mysterious way. When these people go to sleep once, they do not get up for several days and months. The first case of sleeping for many days from Kalachi village came out in 2010. Some children suddenly fell into school and were sleeping. After this the number of victims of this disease began to increase. Since then scientists are researching this village.

However, many scientists and doctors are doing research on this disease, but they have not been able to know the exact reason. At the same time, some doctors say that all this is due to polluted water. Due to the mysterious sleep, this village has been called Sleepy Hollow.

This mysterious village is in northern Kazakhstan. The population here is around 600 and about 15% of the people suffer from this disease. The most shocking thing about the people of this village is that those who have this disease do not know that they have fallen asleep. This means that people are found sleeping anywhere, like they sleep in anywhere in markets, schools, roads, parks and they go to bed for many days.

This village of Kazakhstan is located near the closed mine of uranium. Out of which the poisonous radiation remains. According to many people, this quarry probably caused people such a strange disease. In the village there is no specific amount of radiation. Doctors at the same time do not consider radiation as responsible for this.

Many people fall asleep in the open field. People are upset with this disease. The cause of the disease has not yet been ascertained.


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