Won the cancer, and provides education to poor children


There is a chemistry department head professor Anuradha Sharma posted in Graduate Government College in Chandigarh sector-11 India. She teach student in the college and after finished the college she provides education to the poor and homeless children. This trend has continued for over 15 years.

She provides education more than five thousand poor children. She was suffering from cancer, but now a days she is fine. Prof. Anuradha  Starting NGOs. The name of NGO is our class. Today it is running in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Manimajra.

Today there taught children working in Army, police, court and bank. Prof. Anuradha was born in Chandigarh in 1961. After finished MPhil in Chemistry she married RD Sharma in 1983. Anuradha’s husband dead in an accident. After this incident, she did not get disheartened. With raising two-year-old son as well as she joined Government College job. She also did Ph.D. on that days.

Pro. Anuradha has received numerous awards. The Chandigarh Administration has been honored with citations for better work in education and social work. She also got brewery and vocational Aksilensi Award. “Has become a documentary about the children studying in our class. It has also been selected for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2010.


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