This hotel is the first trademark building in India


Taj hotel was constructed by Taj group and this is open on December 16, 1903. This hotel is the first trademark building in India. It was the first hotel, which had the electricity. During opening day there were 17 guests stayed at the hotel. At that time room rent in a room was just Rs 10.

Many hotels of Tata Group located in different cities of the country. But the story of building Taj in Mumbai is quite interesting. It is said that once when Ratan Tata’s father Jamsetji Tata visited UK hotels manager not gave permission to entered the hotel due to Indian nationalty. Jamsetji Tata determined this things in such a way that he would build hotels that it will not desire only people of India, but from all over the world. Taj Mahal Palace hotel was built in the year 1903 before the Gateway of India. It was the job of a triangle points to lead the way to the Indian Navy. During the First World War it was the change in the hospital. This hotel has also experienced 26/11 terrorist attack.

It was the first hotel in India which had bar (Harbor Bar) and had 24 hours business license to open the resturant. The country’s first 24-hour coffee shop was open here in 1972.

It was the first hotel which had the international level discotheques. German elevators were installed here. Turkish bath tubs and American company fans were planted.

It is the first British Butler higher hotel. Initially for four decades hotel kitchen is running by French chef. Barack Obama was the first foreign head of state to stay at the hotel after the terrorist attack.

At the beginning of the hotel single room rent was ten rupees. Fare of fan and attached bathroom rooms was Rs.13.

Architects Sitaram Khanderav Vaidya and DN Mirza made the design of this hotel. After Sitaram death a British Architects W. A. ​​Chambers has got it accomplished.


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