India is the world leader in tobacco control


The World Health Organization (WHO) said that India is the World champion (World Leader) in tobacco control. The report “Global Tobacco Apidimic -2017 ‘issued by the WHO last July 19 in New York went appreciated the measures steps taken by the Indian for tobacco control.

The recently released Global Adults Tobacco Survey (GATS -2)-2017. According to the report the number of tobacco consumers is went down to 28.6 percent from 34.6 in the last seven years in India. Statistics show that 81 million consumers in India has excused himself from tobacco to raise awareness by government, seven years after the ban on promotion of tobacco products.

As a result of this efforts India got the world champion status. In the list of top 100 cities in the world in terms of clamping down on tobacco control also includes many Indian cities.

It is a good news for India but until no strict rules against tobacco in all states, then the unfinished cause of tobacco control. All will be sensitive to it.


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