The most attractive pilot of the world’s


Lona Torres a 27 years of age have been circulating helicopter in 28 countries. Lona belongs from Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.  She is always posting her pictures on Instagram, which prefer among them 60 thousand followers. Their loved ones are called the Hot helicopter pilot in the world.

Lona is graduated in Economics. But after graduation she left her field and choose helicopter flights. Lona brother and is wife is also a pilot. So Lona listened about helicopters from long time. She was sitting in a helicopter before graduation for the first time when his family went to Australia on a trip. That day Lona was decided in future she will also become a good pilot.

After graduation she enrolled in flying school. She has finish only one year but she has visted around 28 nations including the US and Canada. She usually fly small helicopter like R 22 and R 44 and travel alone.

Lona take photos with helicopeter cockpit and the best spots in the world and posted her photos on instagram. She say that anyone should definitely not leave her dream and try it at any age.


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