Azim Premji Chairman of Wipro


Today Azim Premji are celebrating the 72nd birthday. He is the Chairman of third largest software company Wipro Technologies in India. Azim Premji  has donated almost half of Wipro, whose market value is more than 27 thousand million. Wipro Chairman prefer economy class in the flight.

Azim Premji born on July 24, 1945 in Mumbai and currently lives in Bangalore. Azim Premji’s father was founded Western India Vegetable Products Limited on December 29, 1945 . Later in vegetable word removed from the name of the short form was Wipro (WIPRO). Azim Premji is spread their business more than Rs 1,000 billion with 67 countries.
 In 2003, Forbes Magazine had counted 10 people including  Premji, who have the power to change the world. In 2005, the Government of India was awarded Premji, the highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan. – Premji had set up Azim Premji Foundation in January 2001. It works to improve schools in the country.
Premji also part of Warren Buffett and launched by Bil Gets ‘The Giving Pledge’ campaign. It was scheduled to attend the first Indian and the third non-US person Premji has donated almost 25 percent of its total assets and will rest for the next five years.
After the sudden death of his father Premji had to come back, leaving unfinished his studies in the US. At the age of 21 years old Azim Premji was when took over the reins of Wipro did not have any special knowledge of their ancestral business. When Premji was made Chairman, he feels himself that he is not able to run the company. The company’s shareholders were also given troubling to the Premji. Premji also were unable to decide whether the company they run or transferred to an experienced manager
In the meeting shareholder questioning the abilities of the Premji. Then he decided to leave almost Chairmanship. After this event Premji says that he was thrown in the swimming pool. To avoid drowning in such times it is important to learn to swim very quickly.
After the incident Premji decided to run the company. Premji has again confirmed the intent that now the situation is anything I will show the company running. As a result Wipro is front of us.

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