Hands met from transplant a Boy plays Basebal


In the America there is a  ten years old boy Jeon Harvey. Two years ago Jeon did not write from his  hands, can not eat and can not wear the clothes. It will be surprised to know that he can not just write, eat and be wearing clothes, but also plays baseball like ordinary children. Jeon is the first child in the world, with both hands transplant. In the story of America’s Jeon implants as the success of practitioners able to fame in the world.

When Jeon was two years old, due to sepsis his major organs had stopped functioning. This went over the problem in his hands, feet and kidneys. At the age of four-year-old he had to undergo kidney transplant, which his mother had given him. After the age gone his fingers also stop working due to this eight doctors did  successfully transplant his hands through the operation. They took 10 hours and 40 minutes to the operation. Before this operation Jeon told doctors that he wants to play baseball. Just now he is not only play a baseball game, but he could do a common child works.


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