Litty-Chokha in America

litti cho

Bihar traditional dish Litty-Chokha not only like the  people of Bihar but it is also famous all over India. Now a days it is famous in aboard like America. It is being well liked in the eastern coastal cities of America such as North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Mary Land and Florida.

In Ranchi a few ex-student of Saint Xavier’s College had told in Alumni Meet that they has taken the  little initiative to made a  Litty-Chokha World Famous. A few months ago these people had a food stall at the Indian Fair in Charlotte USA North Carolina, where they  served Litty-Chokha. Americans liked  this dish so much. First day it is finish in four hours and the second day it is finish within 2 hours.

Mr. Abhishek Sinha as Vice President Manager for US expatriates  said that in September he had prepared a food stall in Indian Fair with the people of Jharkhand. There they served Litty-Chokha, Samosa and rice-mutton. Peppery spicy Litty-Chokha Americans liked most.

All the dishes finished with very little hours. Sinha said that making the traditional dishes such as Bihar and Jharkhand is a sell group in America which name is sperse. 150 people are linked from this group.


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