The different kind of Muslim community in the world, which lives in Indonesia

warima community in indonesia.jpg

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. There people of  Waria community are strong in religious belief, but they have everything else aside. In fact, they are transgender. They are born as men, and live as a woman. A seminary was opened in 2008 for Waria people.

Waria are transgender Indonesian. Despite being born as a male they consider themselves female. Despite these sex changes do not take operation. They believe that the upstairs had them sent to earth as men, so should be the same as the men returned from the dead. Waria people are also have strong religious faith. Some people in mosques they stand in the men’s queue is looking as a men. Some waria mostly reading prayers in the line of women. Some people are included in the line of men, they wear clothes like men. They also celebrate Ramadan like the others.

The first seminary of Waria people was opened in 2008 at a place called Yogyakarta, where they do religious activities including prayers. Other world is discrimination with a third gender and transgenders in parts and the situation in Indonesia is not very different. There is also seen them in terms of ridicule and many people believe so sinful.

In Indonesia there are some good things with the Waria people. Many Waria Indonesian enjoys celebrity status. Waria called Dorse Gmalama are there to be like Oprah Vinfri. Dorse had taken the decision to come in the world as Waria in Teenage. Former President USA Barack Obama’s part of life was spent in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an interesting fact that Obama also took Care from Waria, Avi.



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