Steel man in India

steel man in india.jpg

Amandeep Singh, a resident of city Kurukshetra in India was fond of making the body from childhood. Tall stature of the body is the Amandeep strength. He adapted his body in such a way that body is like a Steel man.

He lift car and bike as a toy. His body is so vital that it does not hurt to hit with a hammer and iron rod. Their heroic stories spread everywhere. If passing the car over Amandeep’s body would not even pain. Amandeep accommodate his body with hard worked for nearly two years. He is shopper by profession and he was start body building a long time ago. They went to a trainer but the trainer refused because of the hair on the body. After Amandeep determined to bodybuilding and sweated it out from year 2006 to 2008 and became a professional bodybuilder.

He received many awards.  In 2005 the title of Mr. Ambala. He was elected Mr. Singh in the International Modeling in 2009 in between 15 Thousand sikhs. Mr. Singh was elected to the TV channel show in 2010 for Talent of Punjab Award. In 2011 he received award the title of Iron Man and the Steel Man. In 2016 during press conference for open challenge in Raipur he got the title of steel Man of  India.


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