Children in the garden


Today i getup in the early morning then after i went to my farm house which is 2 km from my home. In the early morning i realize that all the atmosphere is totally quite. Only i saw the road that time people are walking and doing excercise. The time is 5 o’clock morning. There were some dogs on the road they are barking. When i were going to my farm house there are to many gardens between my house to the farmhouse.

When i reached my farm house there are my one servant Ramesh who also gets up early. I met him then after i walking my farmhouse when i walk at the one side of my farm house there is a small garden there is a two child playing. I asked them their name one is Chintu  and second is Mintu. I asked them where is your home they told me my home is near to your farmhouse. There village name is Vikaspur. They only wear pants and laughing. I asked them why you not wear shirt they told me to much hot today so that why i am not wearing the shirt. They told me that they not wear the shirts in the morning. They have a chips packet. I think they are belongs from poor family.

The children are looking so qute i impressed from them. Now i call to my servent Ramesh and told him to give some mango to Chintu and Mintu. When i saw my cell phone the time is 8 o’ clock the children tell me by by and then after i came back to my home and prepared for the office.



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