The poorest President in the world


Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica is considered the poorest president in the world. He always lived a life like mystics.

Jose lived in a house with two rooms instead of President house and take services of two policemen in the name of security. He lived like ordinary people. He take water from the well and washed his clothes himself. Mujica’s and his wife do floriculture to get some extra income. For farming, they run tractors themselves. When tractors not worked properly he worked as a mechanic himself. Mujica have no servants. During the office he drive himself to his old Volkswagen Beetle. While the office he worn coat-pants but at home he used as a normal dress.

A country’s president should be whatever facilities all the facilities given to Mujica but he refused. He get 13,300 dollars salary every month but he donate 12,000 dollars to the poor people every month. The remaining $ 775 of the $ 1300 were also donate to poor people for small businesses.

If you believe that Uruguay is a poor country, so even the president is poor, then it is your confusion. In Uruguay’s average income per person per month is Rs 50,000.


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