The price of this tiny house is Rs 1.25 Crore


This house is same as a box but all facilities are available inside. It takes very little time to construct and set in the place. It is a transferable house owner will put this house according to their need. The northern European countries, Estonia  a house design company has been touted as the solution of the housing problem in the UK. There are many features of this house …

It is made of concrete, and its parts built in a day. It takes a little time to construct and joint all the parts. The shape of house is change upon the size of the work place area.

It is made by Estonia design house Kodasema and it gives the house name is Coda.

This house price in Indian Rs. is 1.25 crore. However, this price includes the building, to the montage brought on site, electricity and water facilities.

This concrete house have a open plan kitchen and bed room. Sleep area is built on the mezzanine, means the lofted beds are engaged. Oven, stovetop, draars and cabinet installed inside the kitchen.

There is a bathroom in the corner of the house and up side there is a terrace. The solar panel is mounted on the roof which create electricity according to their requirement. The illumination of the front of the house is made of thick glass. This glass has four layers. It is so thick that stop noise and chills. If the owner requires privacy, so he can put curtains up to the floor from the ceiling. The house model is 269 square feet. It’s a  more bit area of ​​the car garage, which is about 200 square feet.


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