The town is situated on a pile of Gold have no street


In the Andes mountains in Peru up to 5 kilometers there are 30 thousand people are living. There are temporary house made of tin-tapper where people are living from many years. It is said the city, but would be more appropriate to say replace habitats. It is, Peru is La Rinkonada. The world’s highest settlements, which is located at an altitude of 5,100 meters. “Nestled on a pile of gold in the city do not have roads and drainage systems.

This city is located  in the South American continent at a height  but this is cold area such as Greenland. Here, the average temperature is 1.2 ° C. Here it rains in summer and winter stays dry. This town have a gold mines but any company does not excavated legally. Here all work moves ilegaly.

Men tend to work in gold mines and women discovers gold particles around scattered rocks pieces. She also sell goods to earn the money.

People tend to live in shelters of tin, which makes the atmosphere more cool. There is no tax, nor local government. So there is no infrastructure. There are no roads, and no tap and no sewage system.

The whole thing runs Illegal. Even companies work also. Companies, do not pay salary to the workers. Instead they are forced to work for free for 30 days. Instead, the 31 th day, allowing them to move filling materials in their pockets. What is gold in this material, how stone, this is their destiny. The population between 2001 to 2009 went to double. Currently there are more than 30 thousand people are living.


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