This village is loacated at the end of the country where 12 peoples are living


There is a village klach in russia which is situated near the border of Ukraine. Only 12 peoples are living in this village all are youngesters.

All people living in this village are serviceman. They jobs in Yekaterinburg City.

At the time of Soviet Union there was  a population of around 3 thousand of the village. This time Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

When the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992, and Ukraine became a different country then the village border of Ukraine became the last village in Russia.

The middle of the village is over railway line of  Russia. The funny thing is that there still comes a train twice a day. This is the only way to go to town for the people living in the village. This whole area is always covered with snow, fade movement which led to the road.

A 35-year-old Alexander said that 30 years ago 600 people lived in this village. Most of the people are depend upon the farming and ranching. Source of income was Ukraine, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has become a different country and the village was separated from Ukraine. There will be no source of income in the village due to the separation of the Ukraine. As a result, gradually those villagers left Yekaterinburg City. Yekaterinburg are factories of Steel City, where they went easily find jobs. As a result, people have moved there with his family. Now a days 12 people still here, which is attached to this village and they do not want to leave the village.

As a result one bogie of train is coming daily for these people.



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