People leave to eat meat from the bite of worm


A worm found in the United States, whose bite people stop eating meat.

– A small worm lone Star tick found in the Midwest, the East and Southeast region in USA. Its size is the same as the small cockroaches.

– This worm have a white spot on the back so thats why his name is lone star tick. Its scientific name is Mblioma Merikanm. It is advisable to be avoiding

-The bugs, can get Lyme disease from the bite. Its effect on the skin is the place turns red plaque and there is a lot of irritation. Also headache, pain in the neck, face are also affected, such as not shaking wrench.

– Lone Star tick is a major impact on cutting, which is changing the whole lifestyle. Insect bites are allergic to meat and other animal products.

This has caused allergic to meat :-

– lone star tick is a special kind of sugar called alpha-Gayle says. Millions of years ago, this kind of sugar was also in humans, but has stopped doing so in various stages of human development.

– When worm is cutting to the person there is a alpha-gayle found in the blood of the person. Since it is a foreign substance (antigen), so it makes the body produces antibodies to deal with. The antibodies means a substance, which tried to tackle him to repeat the antigen into the body. The next time will enter the alpha-Gale in the body, so antibodies would reaction like to destroy him.
 – This alpha-Gayle found in red meat, pork and some dairy products. If the person next time any product match these, the alpha-Gale reach in his body. Additionally antibodies seem to chemical reactions within the body over to him. This is called an allergy.
 – Infact the person is allergic to red meat, pork and dairy products. This means that they eat within a few hours after the rash emerged on his body, pain and effects like burning sensation. And would only create distance from these things in her helplessness.
Since red meat and pork in the US are very popular, because this mean the distance of the person becomes completely vegetarian. Although people could eat white fish and poultry products.

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