Scientist is still alive after drinking Cyanide poisoning


There is a one 24 years old American Scientist Cody Don Reeder who lives in Utah in America. Cody was drank 17 mg cyanide dissolved water in October last year. Cody does wanted to see the cyanide effect on the human body.

Cody told after a sip taste during the first use of cyanide drink that tastes like baking soda. He said cyanide after taking liquid as felt shaking her arms and breathing became brisk walking. This is because cyanide disrupts the body’s oxygen absorption capacity. Cody say we will need about 300 mg cyanide to kill the physical stature of someone like him. So the impact too much on the 17 mg dose.  They are repeated people do not try even tasting the small amounts of cyanide. This Scientist have his own channel.

Cody has been experimenting with Mercury, chewing Gold, lived as a space environment shows on his channel. He has done large number of surprising experiments on his channel.


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