The house will buy the two countries of citizenship and 24-hour security Free

house photo

Do you know, there is a house in the world, that if you buy you will get citizenship of two countries together?

you might be thinking that we are kidding. But, like a house really exists. It is located on the border of Home Vermont (US) and Quebec (Canada). Ordinary-looking price of this house is only 71 million. These house built in 7 thousand square feet. In fact, this house is built on the border of the two countries. So living here will be citizens of both countries. 40-year-old house owner Brain and John Dumoulin. Today they both want to sell this house.

There are two advantages of buying this house. The first is that you will get the citizenship of both countries and second advantage is that there are 24 hours security around the house. This means there is no chance to rob the house.


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