Sharing with others


We should not monopolise a good thing, but should learn to share with others. This is true of trivial things as well as spiritual benefits, elaborated Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse.

The Tamil work Nannool says that all good things are meant to be shared. Dharma Sastras lay down many dos and don’ts for us. They say that one should not keep awake when everyone is asleep. They also say that one should not traverse alone on a lonely path. They also tell us that we should never eat alone, but must offer food to others too. In the Ramayana, Bharata says that if indeed he is the reason for Rama’s exile, then the sin that comes from not sharing with others, should come to him.

Given this rule that one must include others even in the partaking of food, Andal, who aims to reach the presence of Lord Krishna Himself, naturally wants to take others along with Her. So in Her Tiruppavai, She calls out to all the Gopikas to join Her in Her nonbu, for the aim of Her month-long observance is to reach the feet of Lord Krishna. It is a great boon to gain proximity to His feet and Andal wants all the Gopikas to have this boon. She says that the nonbu will bring good for everyone, for it will result in copious rains.

Vaishnavite Acharya Ramanuja was full of affection for his sishyas. When Lord Ranganatha was taken out in procession in Srirangam, he called out to his sishya Vaduga Nambi to come and witness the procession. He wanted to share the joy of watching the Lord’s processional idol with his disciple.

Thus both Andal and Ramanuja showed us by example the importance of taking others along when one worships. Vaduga Nambi, however, replied that he was busy boiling milk for Ramanuja, and that was more important to him than even watching Rang anatha’s procession!


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