Steps to a New and Happy Relationship


“If you spend all the time on a date selling yourself, the impression is that you’re self-centered.

“You may feel the need to ‘sell’ yourself to a potential date, but in reality, going on and on about yourself will actually push the other person away. Be sure it is a give and take.

“Instead, people like partners who ask questions of them and then listen well. It means they’re curious, interested in them as people, really trying to get to know them, and other-oriented. All great qualities for a good relationship.”

“Humor makes any relationship and date better,”

“It puts the other person in a good mood, and it is fun to be with someone who laughs, and has a good sense of humor. If someone is too serious, it gives off the vibe that you’re too much work to be with.

“Someone who asks you questions about yourself and makes an effort to understand you is extremely appealing,”

“We all want to feel that we’re attractive and fascinating to our romantic partners, of course. Plus a person who takes a genuine interest in who we are at the outset is likely to make a more empathic partner in the long term.”


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