People Live inside the drains in the city where 1 billions Rs would blow at night


Las Vegas city in the US is one of the most dazzling sights of  world. The casinos and strip clubs attract the rich world. Billion Rs are diverting at the night in casinos but there is a dark secret in Las Vegas. This secret is very painful. In this land of rich, hundreds of underground homeless people are forced to live in Tunnels like sewer.

– In Las Vegas, has made more than 325 kms of Underground Tunnels network. Heavy rains and water flooding may be passed in Tunnels.                                                                    -These Tunnels like home to more than a thousand of people. There are homeless unemployed, drug addicts, home to beggars and criminals people.

– Rent of  Houses in Las Vegas is too much, which is not possible for everybody to afford. So a large number of family live here in restraints. There remain some people suffer from psychiatric and stress.

– people still live but are at risk of infection, poisonous, spiders, insects, dirty water and flood water. People have raised furniture, shelves and decorative accessories.

-These people make their livelihood by begging on the streets, clean junk and trash  or minor offenses. Some even have jobs.

-Some people here have been living for 20 years. But in between they where about keep changing.


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