This village of India is ahead of the world for the rain


There is a village in India where there is a record of the highest rainfall in the world every year. Masinaram’s and Cherrapunji of Meghalaya are at the forefront of rain.

Even though the name of Cherrapunji is taken for the most rain, but in reality, Masinaram’s receives 100 mm more rain from Cherrapunji. It is the rainiest place not in india but the whole world. For this reason, Masinaram’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
– There is an average of 11,871 mm rainfall per year. The record of the Masinaram’s breaks 90% of the rain in just six months. It is the highest rainfall in July. This entire area is always surrounded by clouds.
– The locals know the name of Cherrapunji as Sohra. The average rainfall here is 100 mm less than the masinaram,s. Here people are made of canes made by cane, which are called ‘Kannupas’, so that the body is always covered and they continue to work continuously even during the rain.

– It is difficult to cultivate this area due to heavy rain. Apart from this, keeping the bridges here is not easy. Where things get burnt soon.
– People make bridges by tie the roots of trees. In such a way, it takes 10 years for a bridge to be ready. Such bridges will last for hundreds of years. Such a bridge is said to be 500 years old in this area.



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