Whenever there is suffering in life to take care of these things


Sorrow God must remember, people mistake it that when there are very unhappy if they God to forget. Do not come in whom life. Large and small individual large remains unhappy. Arrived at from Sage normal person until the time of suffering in life. Anyone suffering takes care of and gives a dealt suffering. Make sure to unhappiness came so mundane attempt at Hanuman give an education and she has to go a little alone and remembrance of the divine. Ashok Vatika in Sunderkand Hanuman began to praise Rama in front of Sita. They were either rows sat on Ashoka tree and down Sita sad sat Hanuman. Ramachandra Gunn Barane laga. Suntahi Sita kar dukha bhag. They ran suffering of Sita and started to describe the qualities of Sriramchandrji will hear. Thab Hanumant neekat chali Gyu. Firi baithi man Bismay Byu. Then moved to Hanuman. Seeing them Sita sat face turned. Hanuman were extolled Rama. Hearing ran suffering of Sita. Do come in anyone’s life. Were hurt when life then sit not with him in front of the world cry. God’s praise and listen to me, will be part of a big sorrow . Looking forward Hanuman that Tulasidassji wrote sat turned Sita mouth. It manages tells symbolic event that we go down turned mouth tales and turn influence word here. Will be before the words, words will unload the expressions, the results get better. This is called Satsang.

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