Hunger among Americans, increased concerns about being homeless, revealing survey


According to the survey in March, are concerned about low-income 67 percent of Americans hunger and homelessness. For them it is a major problem. 51 per cent in 2010-11, Americans were worried about. This increase is important to be 67 per cent. The survey took place between one to five Marc K Overall suffer from anxiety of having 47 percent of Americans hungry and homeless. Earlier, when he was worried his first year, in 2001, Gallup has conducted surveys of that time 45 percent of the American problem. In 2004, it had declined to 35 per cent of Americans have seen about the problem. Gallup said that went was too fast for this year costs of health problems. The country’s estimated 57 per cent of people are concerned about this. Among low-income Americans, however, fear the main issue to be hungry and homeless. Healthcare issue is major concern among the middle and upper-income Americans. With health care as well as crime and violence is also a major concern of low-income Americans. Taken together then telling the survey that concerned about the same all class hunger in America and homelessness. It is not clear why about hunger and homelessness are concerned the US so much, but is often out of mind this issue from dominating the national agenda of other issues. According to Gallup, all revenue due to worry about hunger and homelessness among classes may draw attention by the media to the disparity in American incomes political and recent years.

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