In this country Muslim women have to wear a burqa Ban, here are 5 Facts


The Netherlands had gained independence from Spain on 23 May 1568. On this occasion, we are going to tell you about some of the facts related to this country, which very few people know about it. Muslim women can not wear a burqa …
Women in the Netherlands do not have the freedom to wear a burqa. The government had given the green signal in 2015 itself. Well, knowing about this plan, Muslim organizations here started a lot of ruckus. But referring to security reasons, in November 2016, women’s barns have been banned in public places. However, let us know that only public buildings, schools and hospitals have been included in public places.

Recognition of Gay-Lesbian Marriage
Netherlands is the first country to have granted legal recognition to Gay-Lesbian (Same Sex) Marriage. This law came into effect in the Netherlands on 1 April 2001. Immediately after the enactment of the law two men married in Amsterdam in April.
The special houses of the Netherlands, start to see money
There are some houses in the Rotterdam, Over block street of the Netherlands, which have to pay the cost of watching. The architecture of these houses looks very out of place, but these houses are very special. This house built in the design of a cube with a queue in the street is less than any wonder for people watching from outside. Adult person has to pay 3 euro (approx Rs. 243).
Sex Work is Legal
The sex work in the Netherlands is legal and the government regulates it. Here, sex workers have to pay taxes like any common service. The Netherlands capital of Amsterdam is also known for international sex tourism. De Valen is the largest red light area in Amsterdam. In some reports, the number of sex workers working in the Netherlands is between 15 thousand and 30 thousand. The solid figure is not so obvious, because many sex workers also work without registering. Sex workers from Thailand, Latin America and other countries of Europe also come here to work.

The world’s most beautiful indoor food market is made from Entry Door Glass
Last year the Indoor Food Market was prepared in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 228 apartments have been built in this market of special design. There is also a huge market hall for the food market. Where there are about 100 vegetable stalls and eight restaurants. In some reports it is also called the world’s most beautiful food market. This large structure is made of entry door glass. This is the biggest glass door in Europe so far. Its roof enhances the beauty several times. Use of colors on the roof is worth seeing. According to the food theme, the fruits and vegetables on the ceiling have been painted differently.

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