Lord Hanuman


Recognize that Hanuman in Kali Yuga The early desire God to complete. That is why Hanuman Chalisa is considered very effective. Hanuman Chalisa of each couplet and quatrain miraculous, but there are certain quatrain that show effect very soon. This quatrain enough people chanting their most prevalent are also from time to time. Let us know today is from a weakness of the quatrain to the chanting and the body becomes stronger.

jay hanuman gyane gun sagar

jay kapis tihu lok ujagar

ram doot atulit baldhama

anjaniputra pawan sut nama

If someone chanting this quatrain him get rid of the physical weaknesses. The meaning of this line is that Hanuman Ram Messenger and Dham Atulit force. So Hanuman ultimate powerful. His mother’s name is Anjani is why they are called Anjani son. According to the scriptures why Hanuman is considered to be the son of the Pawan Dev are they called Pawansut.


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