How can education empower youth to become tomorrow’s leaders

People without education are like weapons without bullets. Education is exceedingly instrumental for the realization of one’s innate self natural fitness, strength and factual being. It is necessary and essential to choose improper path of life. The youth should be equipped with the best possible education and facilitated with favorable conditions to through the attainment of their skills to the development of the community as they are essential elements of the society. In this globalised word every young person should be given the opportunity to contribute to the society while fulfilling their potentials.

Education as the path leader of the youth. With the help of education the youth can choose and seek their interests. They choose their ways and direction of lives. Education propels the youth in the right, proper and straight direction.

Today’s Youth Tomorrow leaders. Today the youth learn but tomorrow they will teach. Impartation of education is a “give – and – take” process and deal. They will lead the society and country tomorrow. Education to youth is as important as soul to body. With the help of education, the youth can promote competitive issues like analytical precision envisioning future scenarios and decision making. Keeping good health and creating suitable peaceful conditions and working for security are the other developments which the youth can achieve through education.


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